Welcome to the Amberleigh Village Website!

This website exists to serve Amberleigh Village residents with information about their community, their Home Owners Association and to facilitate communication with the Board of Directors and Main Street Management, the HOA management company serving Amberleigh Village residents.

Help bring awareness to the speed limit of 25 mph  by placing a “Please Slow Down” sign on your property. Contact the Amberleigh Village manager to place a request for your FREE signs.

LINK: Request For Property Signs











Amberleigh Village Street Lights

Some Amberleigh Village residents have asked about repairing the flickering street lights or suggested the need to add more street lights. Unfortunately, the HOA is powerless when it comes to adding new street lights but we encourage you to give Duke Energy a call and ask about adding new street lights. Also, here is a link to report street light problems: https://www.duke-energy.com/customer-service/request-light-repair

Street Repair Information

The HOA has made several attempts to get our streets properly repaired. The last email from the City of West Lafayette (August 2018) informed us that it would be several years before any major repairs can be made to our streets. Call Marcus Smith at 765-775-5135 or email him at msmith@wl.in.gov if you wish to get more information about Amberleigh Village street repairs.

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HOA Documents (click to download and print)

Application for Approval
Architectural Standards
Fence Approval Form
Mailbox Replacement

      Visit Our Outdoor Community Bulletin Board For The Latest News

Board Members

Dennis Figueroa
President – Term Expires: 2020
Sunder Gosh
Vice President – Term Expires: 2021
Samy Tindel
Secretary – Term Expires: 2020
Bill Warner
Treasurer – Term Expires: 2019
Aaron Johnson
Board Member – Term Expires: 2019

Annual Assessment Dues

Annual Assessments are due January 1st each calendar year.
Payments may be made online by CLICKING HERE
Payments may be mailed to:

Amberleigh Village HOA
PO Box 745
Lafayette, IN 47902-0745


The Board of Directors is always open to ideas, suggestions, comments, etc., etc.
Please use the link below to send them any of your thoughts in regard to this wonderful community.
They will respond back to you in 5-10 days.